pcProx® Nano Reader

SPEC: 125 kHz or 132 kHz: RDR-6X11AKU Enroll Vertical, RDR-6X12AKU 82Series Vertical, RDR6X21AKU Enroll Horizontal, RDR6X22AKU 82 Series Horizontal, 13.56MHz: RDR-7011AKU, RDR7012AKU, RDR-7511AKU, RDR-7512AKU
Number of Configurations: 1 (RDR-75xxAKU=4)
Operating Frequency: 125kHz or 132 kHz or 13.56 MHz
Interface: USB
Dimension: 125 kHz or 132 kHz: Vertical (18.3mm x 15.7mm x 18.3mm), Horizontal (9.1mm x 15.7mm x 29mm), 13.56MHz: 22.4mm X 15.7mm x 19.3mm
Operating Temp: -30 ~ +65 ℃
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP®/7®/8®/10® and above; Linux; Dell Wyse ThinOS